A world without stairs….

I have spent a lot of time recently thinking about my ‘mission’ and also the things I use my voice for.

These thoughts brought on by an event I attended around female empowerment where I was surrounded by some of the most impressive women I have ever met from all around the globe.

I walked into the House of Commons in May and I was excited.  Excited to meet likeminded people and excited to talk about real issues effecting real people – more importantly, how we could work together to create real change.  Helping people to change their lives and live the best version of their life is what makes me get up in the morning you see.

I feel the need to say that within the first 10 minutes of this event, I had forgotten my name and the job that I did and stumbled on these most basic questions when asked…I fear my excitement had turned into being a little overwhelmed and I did even debate going to hide out in the toilets for the rest of the day…because who would know right?!  Well you will be pleased to know that this story doesn’t end with me hiding in a toilet.. the event was an incredible success and for me the most successful part was getting me to really hone in my vision on how I can help to change the world… a big ask isn’t it!  Well, the people crazy enough to think they can change the world usually can and I think we all do in our own way.

Whilst we were talking in our workshops, people were discussing what drives them and all of a sudden, my vision started tumbling out of my mouth into fully formed sentences.  I had remembered my name, my job and most of all, my purpose.  My vision you see, is to create a world without stairs… literally and metaphorically.  The ladies on the table asked me to elaborate so that’s what I will also do for you.

We have roughly *7 million people in the UK (*Scope) who have various mobility impairments which can result in difficulty climbing stairs.  We have an ageing population and with age (for some) comes less mobility and sometimes a difficulty with stairs.  Have you ever stopped in a city and looked at just how many stairs there are??  Well I can tell you that there are hundreds of thousands in London alone.  Did you know that if you walked the stairs for the Hampstead tube station for 100 days it is the equivalent of climbing Everest!!  I have many fascinating stair trivia now, due to researching this blog…which I may add I will not bore you with.  I am now however someone you will want on your pub quiz team for stairs related questions!

Stairs are more economical in cost in comparison to some ramps and we put in stairs, sometimes because of space, but mostly (after speaking with architects) because it’s what we have always done and they look pleasing on the eye in a landscape or property.  So as a society, we put in stairs even though we know a large percentage of the population can’t use them…but don’t despair…because of Equalities legislation and also people recognising people’s needs, we then have some ramps, elevators, chair lifts and also escalators…as well as the stairs.  What an expense.

If we only had ramps or something similarly accessible, everyone could get around well.  No workarounds.

The stairs here are a symbol for the barriers we put in place for our people and communities – sometimes without even realising.  We then try and find a workaround when we understand the barrier and its impact. Thinking in this way is costly and also inefficient, there are also impacts on people whilst they wait for our bright ideas.  Now, I am not saying the answer to all of our problems is a world with ramps! I instead challenge everyone reading this to instead apply the ethos of ‘a world without stairs’ to whatever you are working on.  Let’s not find workarounds anymore or create unintentional unequal playing fields.  Let’s work to have no barriers and also applaud those who actively work to remove the current barriers which exist – that’s what I will be doing with this blog… talking about my new role within Aster in which I will be trying to create a world without stairs on my new adventure as Director of the Aster Foundation.

Now, according to my partner I am passionate about my work but I know myself and I have a tendency to waffle, so I hope you understand the point I am trying to make.  The next time you are out, take 5 minutes and stop and look at the world around you.  The amazing and impressive world/ society that we as human beings created.  Now, think about all of the different people in the world…can you see any barriers?  I challenge you to remove them – let’s start a revolution and be crazy enough to think we can actually change the world… go on, I dare you.

Published by cameronkinsella

I have worked to drive inclusivity and to reduce exclusion in many forms for 14 years. My personal story led me to where I am today and I passionately believe in giving others access to opportunities or a platform they can use to change their own lives. “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did...but they will never forget the way you made them feel” ... so let’s make a world in which we enable people to feel like the best version of themselves!

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